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Soft Control – Protocol for Interdisciplinary Research

Last week, invited by HANGAR,  I worked intensively together with some other colleagues in a Booksprint related to the Soft Control European Project. This has been done with all participants living and working together all day during three days in a truly beautiful place called Mas Caputxes, a great place to be (you can look at the picture).  As a result of a three year period we have been writing an Interdisciplinary Research Protocol that will be published during the next months as a final result of the project.  You can find here last years’ results of the project. We hope this will be a useful contribution to the Art, Science and Technologies research processes and community.

As it is explained in the website, the Soft Control European project is:

“Soft Control is planned as a multi-annual cultural project aimed at actualising culture phenomena which are emergent when art, science and public awareness are interconnected.

Soft Control (SC) opens scientific labs and theory to artists and different educational entities to a wider audience. Soft Control is a multi-annual cultural performance, an European showcase where artists/cultural workers/others willing to learn what researchers are doing and thinking, and researchers, willing to share and experience creative forms of artistic experimentation and construction, come together in European locations to explore, work, discuss, listen and share ideas and findings. SC entails interacting with and inviting to active participation different target audiences, especially youngsters, students, older people. Culture as a branch and science as a branch can intertwine, constructively sharing cultural models of critical thinking, activism and experimentation with scientific methods, research and knowledge.”



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