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Art Matters Conference – Call for Papers

One of the topics I’ve been compulsively researching is the relation between matteriality and discoursivity in the arts, and in culture in general. Coming from both a highly speculative background and also a pragmatic and technical approach to the artsworld I’ve always felt that the connection between both perspectives was missing, and somehow was needed. And I’ve been working around this idea for more than a decade.

After more than three years the Art matters Seminar we have been doing in IN3 and HANGAR takes some steps further organizing a conference to open the discussion to all international community working in this neo-materialist approach to arts and culture. The conference will be hosted  by the University of Barcelona (UB), the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and HANGAR, Centre for Arts Production and Research.  (11th-12th December, 2014 at the Faculty of Art History (UB). c/ Montalegre 6-8. 08001 Barcelona)

The materials and technologies of the contemporary art invite us to reconsider, not only the role that these play in the articulation of artistic practices, but also the theoretical frameworks that demonstrate the role of the materiality itself inside the Art History. These premises involve new methodological challenges and important epistemological transformations in the examination of art; challenges that must be analysed, discussed and contrasted with the long and fertile tradition of art studies. Fundamental problems such as the distribution of the agencies involved in the investigation and the artistic practice, the lines of temporal causality, the interconnection between materialities and discoursivities, the role of the technology and the society, the spatiality and location of the art, gain relevance from the suggested challenges.

Art Matters International Conference 2014 hopes to give space for those researches that, coming from the academy and the professional practice, rebuild the relation between art and its materiality: contributions focused on theoretical, methodological and epistemological reconsiderations and, specially, empirical studies centered on art routines and infrastructures.

vía Call for Papers.


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