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“On Life and discourses about Life”, chapter in “Activist Media and Biopolitics”

I’ve published this chapter  “ON CREATING LIFE AND DISCOURSES ABOUT LIFE:PESTS, MONSTERS, AND BIOTECHNOLOGY CHIMERAS” together with Raquel Rennó for the Activist media and biopolitics : critical media interventions in the age of biopower / Wolfgang Sützl ; Theo Hug (eds.). Innsbruck : Innsbruck Univ. Press, 2012

isbn-978-3-902811-04-2 I will just mention this two quotes from the chapter in order to ilustrate what we are talking about:

“While genetic studies appear to be the mythical guise of pure science and objective knowledge about nature, they turn out underneath, to be political, economic and social ideology.”
—Richard Lewontin
“One would have to speak of bio-power to designate what brought life and its mechanismsinto the realm of explicit calculations and made power-knowledge an agent of trans-formation of human life. This doesn’t mean that life has been fully integrated intotechniques that control or manage it: it constantly escapes from them.”
—Michel Foucault 

Hope you like the reading, please send me comments to my email if you wish.



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