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Ciclo de seminarios ‘Lo común irreducido: Bruno Latour y los modos de existencia’

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“After the terrifying scenes of empires in which all the other populations watched with alarm the downfall of the brilliant madmen who were overturning their own values along with those of others in an indescribable disorder while chopping up the planet in a sort of juvenile fury, their eyes fixed on the past as if they were fleeing backward away from some dreadful monster before covering everything over with the cloak of an inevitable modernization and the irreversible reign of Reason, I would like to proceed as if the madmen could calm down, go home, get a grip, chill out, and then come back to present themselves, not in order to apologize (who is weak enough to demand apologies?) but to explain what they were looking for, and to discover at last, on their own, what they were ultimately holding onto. It is not totally fanciful to imagine that the…

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