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“Synergy, Consilience and other Demons” publication is out

I finally have the chance to take a look at my article “Synergy, Consilience and Other Demons”,  that I published in the context of the SYNERGY Catalogue book that we edited together with physicist Dr. Josep Perelló and computer scientist Dr. Ramon Sangüesa, as a result of the SYNERGY  ENCOUNTERS “NEW FRONTIERS OF SCIENCE, ART AND THOUGHT” held at the ARTS SANTA MONICA during  17-20 November 2011, an encounter that we  directed together with so much joy involved.

You can take a look at the Programme in here.

As in previous years the encounter invited a number of local and international personalities from the world of the sciences and the arts to look at working methods and collaborative processes from a multidisciplinary perspective.sinergia--ang

For this ninth iteration a change was made in the format from previous encounters. On the one hand, the talks and workshops  presented multidisciplinary initiatives already taking place on the borders of the different fields: sciences arts, humanities, thought. On the other, the seminars seeked to establish common ground among all of the participants as the basis for a collaborative exhibition project, with representatives from various international centres that are pioneering collaborative practices between the sciences and the arts. There was a presentation of the book of the 2010 encounter, Matèria.

Participants: Ramon Sangüesa (Co-creating Cultures), Pau Alsina (ArtNodes-UOC), Edward Shanken (ASCA-UvA), Alejandro Duque i Reni Hofmueller (Orbiting Satellites), David Edwards (Le Laboratoire), Derivart, Yamir Moreno (BIFI-FuturICT Spain), Dirk Helbing (ETH Zurich-FuturICT), Pedro Soler (LABoral), Jurij Krpan (Kapellica Gallery), Daria Parkhomenko (Laboratoria), Marina McDougall (Exploratorium), Michael John Gorman (Science Gallery), Patricia Homs (Arts Santa Mònica), Irene Lapuente (La Mandarina de Newton), Josep Perelló (Arts Santa Mònica).

Organized by: Arts Santa Mònica

In conjunction with:
Plataforma Cero, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial; ArtNodes-Universitat Oberta de


Catalunya; Universitat de Barcelona; FuturICT; La Mandarina de Newton/Co-creating Cultures; Programa Barcelona Ciència, Direcció de Creativitat i Innovació, Institut de Cultura, Ajuntament de Barcelona.

The Catalogue is now available with a selection of texts from all participants and last Friday we presented it at the Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona, in the context of a round table with scientists Óscar Vilarroya, Jorge Wagensberg and Ricard Solé, moderated by Josep Perelló.


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