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Paper en Dublín sobre Biopolítica Táctica

English: Trinity College, Dublin

La próxima semana presento el paper “Tactical Biopolitics in Art Practices: Case Studies at the Crossroads between Activism and Technoscience”dentro del congreso Biopolitics, Society & Performance en el Trinity College de Dublín y el Arts Technology Research Lab. Entre los keynotes están Giorgio Agamben, Rosi Braidotti, Oron Catts y Kira O’Reily. Y a juzgar por la selección de abstracts vamos a pasarnoslo muy bien.

El abstract del paper que presentaré:

As if we were dealing with a new ecosystem to be produced through biotechnology chimeras, life now becomes reduced to geneticised information that can be manipulated, broken down, and wholly transformed. Some might look at it as the logical product of human evolution, others as the loss of the essence of human nature. But biotechnologies are less about denaturing nature than about producing a particular nature because, as Keller says, “what we see when we look at the secret of life is life already transformed by the technology of our gaze”. Every socio-historical context has its own way of conceiving and confronting life, because to talk about life today is to talk about the different narratives that are used to define life through its history. In this sense, the production of nature will continue to be political because it continuously weaves power relationships among the agents who are part of the network. Life sciences are political sciences and geneticized life is bio-power, the result of matter and semiosis that are interwoven within power relationships that try to confer a life that is presented to us as natural, although, in reality, it is just the result of a complex socio-historic process with a long history. In this presentation we will analyze the Tactical Biopolitics inserted in several Bioart practices confronting Technoscience not just as neutral knowledge of reality; but as a mechanism for producing social and natural reality.


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